Carolyn Ralph, Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist

Are you feeling hijacked by your emotions? Are you feeling stuck and hopeless? Are you feeling caught in fear and dread and desperate for change? Maybe you just need a safe place to vent and figure things out.

How does it get better? Change is possible.

To start:

  • Celebrate that you are prioritizing your self – seeking support through therapy is an act of radical self-care!
  • Book a free consult -client/therapist fit is EVERYTHING. Let’s talk so you can be sure.
  • If we decide to meet, I send you online intake and consent forms to complete and we pick a date.

The first session:

  • we discuss your therapy needs and desires
  • I will explain what that might look like moving forward and we start to develop our therapeutic relationship

What will therapy provide?

  • You will learn a new language and framework for understanding how your core beliefs and unmet feelings and needs have been creating tension and disconnect in your relationships.
  • You will connect with the parts of yourself that have been in protective overdrive and that are keeping you in “survival mode”.
  • You will create relationships with the parts of yourself that are causing you pain.
  • You will learn about how to regulate your body and in doing so, you will be able to shift your energy and enter into a creative flow.

Therapeutic Models – Nature, IFS, Mindfulness, and NVC


Accented by developing a mindfulness practice and using the principles and tools of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), we will work primarily from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) model.  IFS is an evidence-based, psycho-spiritual model that is non-pathologizing and based on the assumption that “the mind is made up of multiple parts, and underlying them is a person’s core or true Self. Like members of a family, a person’s inner parts can take on extreme roles or subpersonalities. Each part has its own perspective, interests, memories, and viewpoint. A core tenet of IFS is that every part has a positive intent, even if its actions are counterproductive and/or cause dysfunction. There is no need to fight with, coerce, or eliminate parts; the IFS method promotes internal connection and harmony to bring the mind back into balance. IFS therapy aims to heal wounded parts and restore mental balance. The first step is to access the core Self and then, from there, understand the different parts in order to heal them.”


I am honored to be here
with you right now.

Individuals and Couples:

Together, we will develop a relationship that is boundaried, safe and that offers unconditional support for you to express yourself and learn tools for healing, self-integration, self-regulation and co-regulation.

Parent/Family Support

I love to support new (and experienced) parents who choose (or are considering
choosing) alternative and non-mainstream parenting and lifestyles.

Creative Support/ Existential/Spiritual/ Personal Exploration

I am drawn to those who choose creative, non-mainstream careers/lifepaths.

Psychedelic Integration and Support:

Post psychedelic integration work supports the process of using plant medicines to explore your path.

About Me

Carolyn Ralph, BA, BSW, MSW(c), RSW

Working and volunteering in community and human services for almost 20 years, I am a registered social worker/psychotherapist, licensed to practice with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

My professional interests are mainly around nature-based, humanist, and relational psychotherapy, mindfulness,  sound therapy, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. My approach is influenced by a polyvagal, somatic approach to understanding and relating to trauma in the body.

I am a proud unschooling mother of 2 children and I am an advocate for children’s rights and self-directed learning. I am passionate about supporting opportunities for self-directed education and collaborative, compassionate parenting. My current research focus is on supporting the mental health of children and youth by shifting our relationships with children at an institutional level within the Canadian federal legislative and constitutional frameworks.



Nature Based Therapy

Breathing in Trees Counseling was born of a connection to trees that started  when I was in grade 4. While sitting in a tree grove during a school trip, I experienced a deep state of connection that was transformational. Since that time, I worked summers as a tree planter and was co-founder of an organization called We Learn Naturally ( that created nature based programs for children, adults and families. In my practice as a psychotherapist, I use trees and nature for grounding, to release excess energy and balance my system.


Breathing in Trees Counselling, Psychotherapist, Hamilton, Burlington

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